FOMO definition

The site that ‘FOMO’ built!

The founders of [CITY] moved to ‘[CITY TAGLINE]’ just a few years ago, and immediately fell in love with the [beaches, weather, nightlife and incredible culture].

At least three times each day we say out loud, "We live in paradise!"

[CITY] is built on our love of [CITY] and our absolute fear of missing out on all of the cool things to do here!

If we could, we’d be at every fantastic concert, Taco Tuesday happy hour, museum exhibit, [CITY TEAM] game and beer festival this incredible community has to offer.

But there are so many interesting things happening here that just staying "in the know" about your options each day could be a full-time job.

In fact IS our full-time job. It’s our mission to create the most comprehensive resource to discover the great things to do in [CITY] every day.

The big games, festivals, restaurant openings and concerts we all love...

...but also the neighborhood trivia nights, farmers’ markets, trunk sales, beer tastings, [surfing contests], and community movie nights that make up the core of what makes every day life here so darn good.

When you’re looking for things to do in [CITY], this is your place.